“Our children are capable of achieving success all over. We may not be from an economically sound background, but our vision, thinking, and ideas are rich. We might be from villages, but we are capable of ruling the world, we are capable of achieving our dreams. As our former President Dr A P J Abdul Kalam said “Great dreams of great dreamers are always transcended”. The mission of Bheeram Sreedhar Reddy International School is to give shape to the dreams of thousands of children around us and make them achievers.

For every success story there is a beginning. For every child coming to Bheeram Sreedhar Reddy International School, his or her success story begins there. Their academic journey will be taken forward by us keeping in mind their creative energy and ideas. Our well-trained faculty, lush, green campus, and state of the art infrastructure will help students to grow into global citizens. Our curriculum and teaching methods are designed specifically for this. The students, teaching staff, non-teaching staff, all co-exist in the same environment creating the space for wholesome education and life experience. IIT, IAS, Medicine, Olympiad, etc are very much achievable for a product of Bheeram Sreedhar Reddy International School. The passion for new levels of excellence and the dedication to reach that dream is the idea behind the inception of this academic institution and the development of it to a seat of success.”
- Bheeram Saraswathamma, Chairperson,
Bheeram Sreedhar Reddy’s Charitable Trust